Broaden agents’ knowledge and relationship-management skills.

By 2013, revenue from telecom’s service sector is expected to reach $2.7 trillion.¹ Arguably the fastest-moving — and most influential — industry in the global economy, telecom has changed the way businesses transact with customers. As the industry continually evolves to meet market demands, so must your sales and service professionals who support it. To keep pace with the steady stream of emerging products, packages and promotions, agents must constantly consume and comprehend new training materials and concepts. With Sivox™, your agents foster deeper knowledge and strengthen relationship-management skills — abilities essential to meeting the needs of your call center’s customers.

Sivox provides:

  • An agile vehicle with which to communicate information about new technologies and supporting promotional campaigns to sales and service agents
  • Immediate feedback so administrators may objectively measure your agents’:
    • performance selling bundled packages
    • comprehension of products’ technical specifications
  • A scoring engine with which to certify agents’ knowledge and product, package and promotion comprehension

Practical applications for Sivox in the telecom marketplace include:

  • Sales
  • Customer Support

¹”Telecom Investing Strategies: Six Ways to Profit from the International Broadband Boom Telecommunications Stock.” The Trading Report. January 7, 2011.

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