Pre-Hire Screening

Pre-Hire Screening
Pre-Hire Screening
Duration:4.20 min

Improve your pre-hire and screening processes with Sivox™, and minimize high employee turnover.

How do you assess prospective service representatives’ skills? Can you pinpoint competencies that are essential for agents’ success? Companies are only as good as the people they employ. In light of this, hiring the right employees for your organization is perhaps your call center’s most important operational process. Hiring the wrong candidates can negatively affect your bottom line due to the high costs associated with turnover.

Evaluate and objectively score candidates before making hiring decisions with Sivox; test:

  • Typing and data entry abilities
  • Reading, listening and speaking skills
  • Speaking and annunciation
  • Coaching and learning aptitude

Sivox training will enable you to:

  • Screen on- or off-shore candidates
  • Screen prospective “work at home” candidates
  • Reduce turnover expense and related quality issues
  • Increase employee satisfaction


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