New-Hire Training

New-hire training
New-hire training
Duration:3.59 min

Certify new hires’ knowledge with Sivox™ before they interact with customers.

How well do your new hires know your products, policies and procedures? Shaping the next generation of front-line personnel who sell, service and support your customers and the markets you serve starts with training. Your new-hire training processes must properly develop all of the skills necessary to represent the integrity of your organization’s brand.

Sivox understands the importance of this investment, and its potential impact on cost and quality — particularly with those businesses that endure high turnover rates, or work with a seasonal staffing model.

Develop your new hires’ skills with Sivox:

  • Create tailored new-hire curricula
  • Certify knowledge by product line
  • Score desktop and customer interactions
  • Provide 24/7 immersive training that’s accessible on-demand

Sivox training will enable you to:

  • Reduce the cycle time required to get your agents up and running
  • Increase the proficiency of your new hire employees
  • Improve employees’ satisfaction and confidence


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