Maximize the value of your people and resources.

Amid intense pressure to curb administrative costs, comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and meet seasonal demands inherent to the healthcare and benefits industry, maximizing the value of your resources takes on new meaning.┬áIn today’s highly regulated environment, providing flawless member service has never been more critical. Sivox™ immersive simulation training is a nimble solution that allows you to adapt quickly, and rapidly train your member service agents as new regulations are passed that affect plan design or the member experience. While invaluable throughout the year, you’ll find Sivox is particularly priceless during open enrollment periods each year, when your call center brings extra staff on-board.

Sivox enables you to:

  • Simulate agents’ desktops and customer interactions without compromising the production environment or sensitive customer data subject to HIPAA guidelines
  • Develop member support scenarios in which agents can practice their member-relationship skills and complex messaging
  • Provide training on-demand, 24/7

Practical healthcare applications for Sivox include:

  • Member support
  • Provider support



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