Financial Services

Expand agents’ compliance and customer-messaging knowledge.

Accomplish more with less. In the wake of recession, many financial services organizations have adopted this mantra. Yet, juxtaposed with shrinking training budgets are two critical factors call centers face in the increasingly regulated banking industry: compliance and customer message management. Since PCI Data Security Standards were introduced for example, non-compliant companies have been assessed monthly fines spanning $5-25k — hefty sums in any economy, but potentially devastating as businesses rebound.¹

Sivox™ is the all-in-one call center training solution that provides multi-faceted value to financial service organizations. Hosted and secure, Sivox delivers greater revenue, lower training costs, improved compliance and enhanced customer loyalty by:

  • Strengthening agents’ grasp of relationship messaging
  • Serving as a cross-training vehicle for agents to expand their knowledge of additional product categories
  • Syndicating sales-force best practices, including up-selling, new-account acquisition and overcoming obstacles
  • Mitigating the inherent risks in client-data and security-policy protection

Practical applications for Sivox within the financial services industry include:

  • Retail banking
  • Collections
  • Credit card and pre-paid debit card
  • Consumer and commercial lending





¹Carrington, C. “PCI Compliance: What it Means to the Call Center Industry.” Contact Center Solutions. February 13, 2008.

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