Continued Education

Continued Education
Continued Education
Duration:2.56 min

Turn agents’ waiting-period downtime into productive time.

Call center attrition rates are averaging 50% annually — an all-time high for the industry.¹ According to a recent study by The Customer Group, one of the most frequently cited reasons why agents leave their jobs is “lack of career path.”¹ Banish agents’ boredom during waiting periods with Sivox™ customizable continued education training. Hosted and secure, Sivox gives your agents an on-demand flexible platform where they may learn about new product lines, explore other roles in support of personal professional development and expand their skillsets to become more adept at managing complex edge cases. Whether your organization is launching a new product line, or would like to reinforce best practices,

When your agents cross-train with Sivox, your call center will realize:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased agent proficiency
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Better agent engagement

¹Beckford, S. “How to Prevent Turnover in Your Call Center.” Customer Service Manager. Retrieved June 9, 2011, from

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