Duration:3.36 min

Are your employees consistently delivering the messaging you need, while fostering the customer experience you expect? Improve your collection results with Sivox.

Today’s economic environment presents unparalleled credit and cash challenges for many consumers and commercial organizations. In the collections industry, having the ability to collect payments due can have a significant impact on your organization’s cash flow and business strategy, while also deeply affecting customer relationships and perceptions.

Proven in the marketplace, Sivox™ immersive training:

  • Communicates your company’s messaging  across your employee base
  • Improves collection results, while supporting your customer relationship
  • Prepares your new hires for greater success
  • Improves employees’ performance and results

With Sivox, your business will:

  • Boost collection productivity
  • Improve collection proficiency for new members of your organization
  • Reduce average handle time
  • Increase employee satisfaction


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